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Another from last night

Did a little cross processing with this one. I loved how the light was shining through the leaves.

Leaves & berries 4 WM

Leaves & Berries

July 18, 2008 1 comment

I was making some food in the kitchen and when I went to the sink to wash my hands I saw how golden and glowy the light was. Perfect for photography. These berries grow on a tree right outside our kitchen window so they were the perfect subject. I had to stop preparing my dinner to go take some photographs!

Leaves & berries 2 WM

Leaves & berries 1 WM

Added a little texture to this one
Leaves & berries 3 WM

Thank you Tina!

July 13, 2008 3 comments

It was so great to meet you and you were a dream to work with! I hope you like how your pictures turned out as much as I do. Here’s a sneak peek for you! I’ll send you a password to your gallery when the rest are ready. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

t1 WM

t3 WM

Adding the black and white versions of the above photos. I just love these in black and white too, Tina! Your eyes really pop!

t2 WM

t4 WM

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My first pedi!!

July 12, 2008 1 comment

Yes, that’s right. I just got my first pedi at 31, lol. I don’t know what took me so long to try it out! I guess because I hate my dry feet and didn’t want people touching them, lol. But my friend Anyka treated me to a pedi (thank you Anyka!!!) and I’m so glad I tried it out! Now I’m hooked! LOL They feel so nice now and I loved getting pampered and picking out a pretty nail color! I went with something bright and fun for summertime, (it’s even brigher in person, haha). I think it was the gawdiest color they had, haha. The guy said, “Oh you’re going for bright and flashy huh?” Hahaha! Yep! I guess I am! You can get away with that in the summertime right?

first pedi

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Kaelan’s new smile!!

That’s right, Kaelan has joined the “Lost Your First Tooth” club!! He lost his first tooth a few days ago and the second one about an hour ago! I just love his new smile, sooo cute!! Of course he is so excited to finally lose some teeth!

Kaelan's new smile!!

Central Oregon nature

We went camping last weekend at Crane Prairie Reservoir and I was in awe of the gorgeous scenery and nature surrounding us. I just had to capture it. Here are some of my favorite nature images from the weekend.

Crane Prairie Reservoir WM

Crane Prairie Reservoir 3 WM

orange plants WM

orange plants 2 WM

orange plants 3 WM

orange plants 4 WM

wildflowers 2 WM

wildflowers WM

wildflowers 3 WM

Same image as above but with texture added and I messed around with the tones. I like the sunsetty look it gives it.
wildflowers 3 texture WM